Installing a home battery can greatly benefit your energy consumption and savings. NRG Solutions will help you explore the options available for your home and design a system that maximises your savings and self-consumption.

Our team of experts will assess your specific needs and recommend the best battery system for your home, taking into account factors such as your energy usage patterns and budget. And with our ongoing maintenance and support, you can rest assured that your battery will be running at its best for many years to come.

Home batteries
& your electricity bill

A home battery installation from NRG Solutions won’t just reduce your reliance on the grid, but will also help you save money on your energy bills. By storing energy during off-peak hours, homeowners can then use that energy during peak hours, reducing the amount of expensive electricity they need to purchase from the grid. When combined with solar, you can expect even greater savings by storing excess energy generated by the solar panels in the battery as well.

Power outages no more

Home batteries are an important tool for providing electricity during a power outage. When the power goes out, a home battery automatically kicks in to provide backup power to your home, ensuring that your lights and appliances continue to function. This can be especially important for homeowners who rely on power-dependent medical equipment, or for those who live in areas that are prone to power outages

The NRG Solutions

At NRG Solutions, our team of experts can help you determine the best home battery setup for your specific needs and budget.

We take care of everything from the initial consultation and design, through to installation and ongoing maintenance. We’re committed to ensuring that your home or business stays powered, no matter what.