Installing a heat pump water heating system can greatly reduce your energy costs and consumption. Our team at NRG Solutions can assist you in selecting the best system for your home and budget, as well as provide expert installation services.

Even better, you can enjoy government rebates when you install a heat pump system, and we’ll help you navigate the process to claim those rebates. In the end, you’ll walk away with the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your hot water needs.

Saving Money
& The Environment

A home battery installation from NRG Solutions won’t just reduce your reliance on the grid, but will also help you save money on your energy bills. By storing energy during off-peak hours, homeowners can then use that energy during peak hours, reducing the amount of expensive electricity they need to purchase from the grid. When combined with solar, you can expect even greater savings by storing excess energy generated by the solar panels in the battery as well.

Government Rebates

The Australian Government provides incentives for those homeowners looking to upgrade their home with a heat pump. At NRG Solutions we’ve been through the process plenty of times before to help our customers claim their rebates and reduce the cost of their heat pump installation. Fill out our form below or give us a call on 1300 496 674 to see how much you could be saving with NRG Solutions.

The NRG Solutions

At NRG Solutions, our team of experts can help you determine the best home battery setup for your specific needs and budget.

We take care of everything from the initial consultation and design, through to installation and ongoing maintenance. We’re committed to ensuring that your home or business stays powered, no matter what.